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Meditation/advanced level


12 Advanced Level Classes

At the beginning levels you learn to relax totally, and practice visualization.

This Advanced course teaches abundance of life through energy. By this, I mean we will be working with not only our 7 chakra systems and learning what they are, we will advance into the new chakra system meditations to upraise the energies in our entire body, transforming it into higher frequency levels that effect everything in our life, events, and our health, and wellbeing, and getting what we want out of life. My teacher called these the abundance lessons. I have taken them to another level even further for your advancement.

This is a 12 class Series of Instructions and you pay as you go, not in advance. 

It is totally up to you if you complete the series of lessons and gain thier knowledge to propel you forward. I'm here to deliver it; it's up to you to get it.

$25 per class 1 through 4 and the price decreases after that. This way, we are giving an incentive to have people complete thier lessons.

There are important advanced level instructions throughout all 12 classes, after that the instruction will begin again and you can gather more instruction in your practicing these advanced levels of meditation as well as a chance to pick up what you didn’t get the first time around.


*Discounts for ongoing participants ;

Classes 1-4 = $25

Classes 5-8 = $20

Classes 8-11= $15

Class 12 and beyond only $10



If you can't make it at this time, let us know. We may hold another class at another time if enough people are interested.



Call us asap to sign up: 540-785-9381

Seating is very limited(small classes)

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