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Even though it is still early, Please reserve your seat asap!
I will be limiting classes to 20 participants. First come first serve basis.
Warm Regards,
Dr. Melanie Myers L.Ac.

Call today to reserve your spot. bring a friend. its free to come and participate.
Leave a message with what class you are interested in, your name and contact number, and I will call you back shortly.

Located in the beautiful Historic Town on Spotsylvania

7 miles west off route 1


Devotional night: for solitude, Peace of mind, inner healing,sooth the emotions, and uplifting the spirit.

Being devoted to ones health and whole being is a state of mind where one has learned to unconditonally love the self and be at peace of mind and acceptance. this is when healing and miracles takes place in our life. with an attitude of gratitude, being thankfully devoted to ones health and wellbeing, one learns to relax and be happy in thier surroundings. Devotional night is a way to practice particitation of wellbeing.

Here, you will not only learn how but will actually practice the universal laws of abundance(through the powerful union of group consciousness) to support what we truly desire and want to manifest in our life.
We will start with a brief introduction
guided instructions
Devotional tools will include but no limited to:
guided imagery, guided, relaxation and silent meditation, light yoga stretches,positive affirmations, mantras, short movie meditations, toning with voice,Tibetan bell,crystals/gemstones/rocks, color,light, to enliven the senses and open the heart to unconditional love.
our purpose is to clear the mind, de-stress the body, let go of undesirables, unblock, activate, energize and harmonize our field, create more presence and focus so that we can open to our true life purpose, and what we truly positive and wonderful things we want to bring into our lives.
we will end again with a lighter or silent meditation so that one leaves in a perfectly balanced state of mind, body and soul connection.
A gift is given to each member at the end of sessions.
Cost: Donation of $5 or more is appreciated, to deffer my own costs and effort.

To begin: January/2010
Class Schedule: 6pm
January 12,26
Feb. 9,23
March 9,23
April 13,27
May 11,25
June 8,22
July 13,27
Aug 10,24
Sept 14,28
Oct 12,26
Nov 9,23
Dec 14,28


2. Come learn about Acupuncture! Bring a friend! learn the various types of treatments,how an acupuncturist diagnoses, how treatment works and can benefit you, This is a free class and discounts are given to each participant who makes an appointment that evening. This class is held 1st week of each month.

Class Schedule: 6pm
Jan. 5, 2010
March 2
April 6
May 4
June 1
July 6
Aug 3
Sept 7
Oct 5
Nov 2
Dec 7


3. Learn from an expert on Herbal Medicine and supplements! Dr. Myers will discuss what is out there and how it can benefit you. This will include the quality, brand and formula compositions. learn what will and wont work for you and what herbs to stay away from and which are okay to take regularly. Products/order forms will be available.
Free consultation with product purchase.
cost: free class held 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Class Schedule: 6pm

Jan. 19, 2010
March 16
April 20
June 15
July 20
Sept 21
Oct 19
Nov 16
Dec 21

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Acupuncture & Natural Therapies/ Melanie Myers

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