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Exploring Conscious Awareness
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What is Reality, Who am I, What am I? Am I My mind? My Body? Is there a self? Am I consciousness and what IS consciousness anyway? Explore these questions and thier answers, and open to new perspectives on life, and limitless possibilities.
This class is held Saturday, 6-8pm
Seating and All Materials, refreshments included
In order to keep this a free class, any donations are accepted to help pay for advertising, materials, refreshments, etc Seating is very limited, please call to assure your seat and pre-register asap! 540-785-9381

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What is the difference between enlightenment, awakening and liberation?

We will explore this along with the various states of consciousness that each of us have either experienced or read about, and exercises in how to achieve more awareness states naturally.

We will discuss the personified ego self that thrives on drama, the path of surrender/letting go of old worn out physical,mental and emotional patterns, the yin and yang states of consciousness, as well as the inbetween state in which yin and yang is no more. some call it the 'void'.

we shall also explore what some call the 'zone' in maritial arts. that state of  balance and peace of mind in which superhuman feats take place.

What do; transendence, alchemy dna/light integration and the 12 strand DNA, unconditional Love have to do with us?

Find out and explore this with others.


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