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Country Group Walk
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Join our group for a peaceful walk in the country!   It's FREE!

After our workshop session on Saturday, join me( Dr. Rev.Melanie Myers) for a nice peaceful walk. The country walk is just a little something extra I came up with since people love to come out here and enjoy the natural setting.

Join me and others in a walk down Spotswood Furnace Rd.. We have two small wooden bridges a with running creek to enjoy, and going in the other direction we have a small damn, interesting houses, horses, and cows all along the way. Great scenery!

We then get back in time for dinner(be sure to bring one or you will need to drive 15 minutes into town).

For those who want to stay, we will have our

’Exploring Conscious Awareness’ class from 6-8pm. 

For the walk, bring a light-medium jacket, good pair of walking shoes, hat if cooler weather, water bottle. I have great tasting well water so you can fill up here.

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