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with a one on one private session, that will provide you with effective tools for balanced living.

People who go through health changes, good or bad, are often going through major events/crisis in their life. Then to top it off, most people that go to the doctor or a specialist are pushed through the system and left with many questions of what’s going on and not having anywhere to turn. We help to eliminate all that fuss and confusion that by providing not only a natural healthcare system that is warm, caring, friendly and attentive to your needs, We will also work with your regular doctors to get answers for you. We offer support counseling to get your questions answered and if we dont know the answers we will find out what we can by talking directly to your doctor for you. We will get the answers and give it to you in terms you can understand. We are also here to provide support in speaking with you about your health issues, Herbal or body detox medicine/procedures, any lifestyle changes, spiritual matters such as life; meaning, our purpose, death etc, and I teach the spiritual path to those who are ready via this counseling method. Have the support you need when you need it. please note that this does not replace regular psychiatric sessions. This is Counseling for nutrition,lifestyle habits,meditation,spiritual related which does not include psychiatric treatment or counseling. please seek a psychiatrist or psychologist for this. I can also refer you to someone if you like.

Acupuncture & Natural Therapies/ Melanie Myers

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