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Acupuncture Specialist in Virginia

Functional Healthcare
Oriental Medicine
electro-Stim Acupuncture
Tui Na
Stress & illness
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Melanie Myers L.Ac.,Dip. Ac. 

Providing high quality care and success rate, with skilled experience.

What my patients are saying:

I was in terrible back pain and the only choice the doctors gave me was surgery or expensive Chiropractic treatments that stretch the back and I hear is quite painful. I heard about Dr. Myers from a friend who has had treatment from her. She helped his back and now my back is so much better in only a few months. I have had back pain for years, and now I feel better than I have in years! Thank you Dr. Myers for your gentle treatments that have made me and my friend get better. I recommend you to all my friends and family. R.S./Fredericksburg,Virginia

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The Natural Alternative And Holistic Healthcare approach
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Update; We are excitedly in the process of looking for a new location.
for now, this business is 'mobile' so take advantage and utilize the convenience of my visiting your home or office now because once i find a place i wont be able to be mobile any longer.