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Acupuncture In Fredericksburg Virginia

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What my patients are saying:

I have been seeing Melanie for a few months now for a bad neck and as a last resort before surgery, my doctor recommended that I try acupuncture. I was a bit hesitant to do so but she went through all the information with me and made me feel very comfortable. The acupuncture and massage therapy that Melanie performs helps tremendously in controlling my pain level. I’m very happy that I found Melanie and pleased with the overall service she provides.
Kelly W./Stafford,va.

I was treating for over 1.5 years for headaches with dizziness and neck pain and had little to no luck. I'd tried everything from medication to fancy pillows to massage, and nothing knocked out the problem like acupuncture does.áI was both scared and also a skeptic that acupuncture worked before I came to Melanie. I couldn't see how putting several needles into my body would be anything other than painful. Boy was I wrong! Melanie's gentleness makes me look forward to my visits with her. I've been to another acupuncturist and did not feel the sense of care I feel from Melanie. In addition to relieving my headaches, she's also helped me with my pregnancy-related discomforts (such as nausea and heartburn) quite successfully. It says a LOT that I trust her to continue treating me while I am pregnant! I'm very paranoid about safety now, but Melanie puts all of my fears to rest. I'd recommend acupuncture with Melanie to anyone with ailments that need relief.
Emily H./Fredericksburg,Va..

I feel that I have a testimony and need to share this. I was involved in an auto accident on August 13, 2004, suffered a soft tissue injury, that left me in constant pain. I went through two physical therapists from September, 2004 through April 2007, just to be told that I would have to learn how to tolerate the pain that I suffered. I also visited an Orthopedist who also said that he had done all that he could for me and even stated that he had done more for me than any other patient he had. I also tried a cortisone shot that left me in more pain than I was already experiencing. Finally, he recommended that I see an acupuncture doctor. There was no way that I would even consider seeing an acupuncture doctor. After 6 months of pain without therapy, I was willing to try anything. I just could not believe that sticking needles into a person's body (acupuncture) would actually make them feel better. After my initial accupuncture visit, I did not think that I would return, but I started feeling a little relief and was told by the therapist and a few friends that I should try it again. Well, I have to admit, I have not felt this good since prior to my accident. I don't have the restrictions in the movement of my arm, neck and shoulder as I had for the last 3 1/2 years. I feel much better, now that the pain is minimized. I now recommend acupuncture to many and look forward to my weekly visits. In addition, my co-workers and friends all feel that my attitude has improved since I've been taking acupuncture, and not in as much pain. I thank God that he put Dr. Myers in my life. Sondra J./Fredericksburg,VA.

Melanie was my acupuncturist here in AZ. I highly recommend Melanie. She is not only very compassionate and caring, but she knows oriental medicine so well. Melanie helped me though a back injury along with grief and stress issues that affected most of my mass muscles. Doctors would only give me pain medication and electrical shock treatments (Tense Unit) to alleviate the pain. Melanie went beyond Western medicine and did energy treatments to balance out my energy thus eliminating the pain without medication. She would give me tips on how to work with my energy and take care of my body in a natural way by suggesting natural remedies that worked without side effects. I miss you Melanie. I wish you were here! I can't find anyone as good as you. P.G.,Arizona

I can definitely attest to Melanie's abilites as a wonderful acupuncturist and healer. Not only was she a joy to visit every time, it seemed as if she could address any issue. I was a traveling nurse in AZ and had a very crazy schedule and was also going through a period of transition. If I was tired, Melanie knew how to open meridians and channels to energize me, and vice versa if I needed more rest. She was even able to open my body open to "dumping toxins" more effectively after I had been bitten by a scorpion. After seeing her, I nearly forgot that I had been bitten at all. I think my most enjoyable treatment was the cupping. I am not sure what it is called but it felt so good! I live in Wilmington, NC and have yet to find someone who can Melanie's standard. I would highly recommend seeing her! Blessings, M.B.,North Carolina