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Wanna know Special Instruction and Techniques on how to take care of all those aches and pains once and for all?


This workshop consists of 9 classes. Held each Saturday at 1pm-3pm.

In this class you learn how to utilize structural re-integration. This is a body alignment method that balances the entire body out and helps to eliminate pain and many health problems once and for all. It also is a complete self-care system in itself in that it works not only with balancing out the physical body by certain physical exercises/movements but also works with eliminating the mental and emotional component to illness. That’s right. Then we will speak a bit on importance of proper nutrition and cleansing methods, as well as learning meditation methods for health.

This workshop is regularly $475 and is now being offered at

 Our Huge Grand Opening Discount of $75 for all 9 classes!

This includes seating in all 9 classes, materials, and refreshments

This price is for a very limited time only and seating is limited, so please hurry!


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